Submit your abstract or full-paper (must be in a single DOCX file) as an attachment to:

Subject: isnm2017-[abstract/fullpaper]-[YourFirstName]-[YourLastName]
Body: [Your abstract/fullpaper’s title]
Attachment: isnm2017-[abstract/fullpaper]-[YourFirstName]-[YourLastName].docx

For example, for a paper titled “Popular Indonesian Herbs”, whose first author is Ahmad Abdullah:

  • Subject: isnm2017-abstract-Ahmad-Abdullah
    Body: Popular Indonesian Herbs
    Attachment: isnm2017-abstract-Ahmad-Abdullah.docx
  • Subject: isnm2017-fullpaper-Ahmad-Abdullah
    Body: Popular Indonesian Herbs
    Attachment: isnm2017-fullpaper-Ahmad-Abdullah.docx

To be eligible for the student’s free registration, students must also attach their student cards to the submission email.
For the submission deadlines and registration fee, please refer to Important Dates and Registration, respectively.